Where To Shop (For Clothes) When You're Broke

Let's face it, the economy is tough, and there are still times where we may need to look our best. Well, you don't always have to spend a ton to look like star. I've compiled a short list of my favorite online sites to get the best clothes for your money. New and with price tags! ;)

  • 599fashion- I have listed this site first, because it's the cheapest online clothing site I've found so far which sells brand new clothing for women. I've ordered from here numerous times and all my items have arrived to me safely and in a timely manner. Usually just 4 days!
You will like it if: 
  1. You want brand new simple clothing for women. 
  2. Have trouble finding plus sizes. (This site caters a lot of cute plus size clothing!)
  3. Like sites where there are daily new arrivals.
  • lnlclothing- I discovered this site recently and boy am I happy I did! They offer a ton of cute and beautiful clothes (mainly dresses) for $7.99 and less! Some of their clothes are also from Forever 21! 
You will like it if: 
  1. You have an obsession with cute dresses.
  2. Want reliable good quality.
  • everything5pounds- Here is a really good UK based site if you're looking for unique and fashionable clothing with an affordable price tag. They offer a HUGE collection of shoes and you really never get tired of browsing through it.
You will like it if: 
  1. You want to own something no one else owns.
  2. You don't mind ordering from oversees if you are in the states.
  • wholesale-dress- For only a few bucks, I can get a completely new wardrobe here. They offer a lot of clothing which aims to replicate designer looks straight off the runway. However, I would beware, since they lack in quality on some of their items. From my experience, you usually can't go wrong with their jewelry and bags. Keep an eye out for their shoes and clothing, and make sure you double check their size chart! 
You will like it if: 
  1. You like designer-inspired clothing.
  2. Don't mind that some clothing are imitations.
  3. Want to build your wardrobe for less. 
Hope these sites come in handy the next time you want to look your best while staying on a budget.

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Thank you for the links ! I love cheap shopping !

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