The Want List #1

So, I've seen a lot of people doing this on their blogs. Posting pictures of things they have fallen in love with and making the rest of us a little curious as to why. An upcoming birthday? A Bar Mitzwa? Do I owe you money? Anyways, I thought the idea was fun and decided to do my own series. Here is my "want" (really need!) list for last month; June.
1. National Trend Embroidered Handbag- Ever seen a bag which made you spend all your money on it so you no longer had any money to put in it? I'm sure if I were rich enough to afford this, it would be my case. Usually I don't carry or like big bags, but this one was love at first sight for me. The detailing and hanging tassels, just wow. lol
2. Owl Phone Case-This is so pretty! I drop my phone a lot and still haven't been able to get myself a case for it. Although this case isn't meant for a "Samsung Galaxy" (which is what I have) for some reason I still have it in my eBay shopping cart. o.0
3. Owl Cookie Jar- Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? I know I wouldn't just so I wouldn't scratch up this gem. I never really got the point of keeping a cookie jar but this owl shaped one would make such a statement on the kitchen counter. It even comes with two baby owl decorations. And yes, I like owls, thanks for noticing.
4. Classic Floor Length Maxi- This dress to me is perfect in every possible way. Beautiful but simple enough to wear out to a lot of places. Not overdone, but just right. Comes in many different color choices, but I don't think you could go wrong with red.
So that went better than I expected...thanks for reading! :)